ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG! ᑭᕮᖇᖴᕮᑕT ᗰᗩTᑕᕼ!

Link> Pictures of readers with their books
by Gud-Sol


4 thoughts on “ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎG! ᑭᕮᖇᖴᕮᑕT ᗰᗩTᑕᕼ!

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    1. paulasiama,
      Thank you for nominating me. I am honored but I have to respectfully decline your kind offer. I already had refused the nominations from the others and it would not be fair if I accepted yours. Thank you again.
      I was over at your website. What a surprise! Is it not a wordpress thing?
      Here. I answered your questions.
      1.What does blogging mean to you?-Something fun!
      2.What keeps you blogging?-Surfing the internet. Got to have a place to tell people this, Look what I found! Go look!
      3.Where do you see your blog in five years?-I don’t know? I can’t see that far?
      4.Why are you not following this blog?-Following now!
      5.What’s most important to you as a blogger?-I wouldn’t call myself a blogger? I just copy and paste anything I find interesting and want to share the find I found?
      6. What inspires you?-Bloggers.
      7. If you could wish for food, which food will it be and why?-All food? Because I am hungry?
      8. How do you grow your blog?-I don’t know? OM-http://aopinionatedman.com/ and Janice Wald- http://mostlyblogging.com/author/mbblog5050/ knows.
      9.What is your view on gay marriage?-I think it is terrific and it’s about time it happened.
      10.How has blogging changed your life?-Got my spelling improved?

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