To write a comment.

 Blogging 101
by S.D. Plotts


12 thoughts on “To write a comment.

  1. Lol at that last one. That’s hilarious! This is the first time I’ve actually seen the comments on a re-blog link of mine. (my posts being re-blogged are a very new thing, i’m still in the “who me? getting re-blogged?” phase of it all) But, this has been interesting! Seriously! Because it’s alot easier to say what you really think when not actually talking to the person/post you’re thinking it about. (and you guys think you’re bad at expressing yourself. Really? Go read that last line I fumbled out again! lol) But, my main reason for wanting to comment was to add my take on comments that don’t get responded to. And to say, thanks a ton for taking the time to read my stuff, reblog, AND commenting! So, I try my very best to respond to EVERY comment I get. Sometimes, I did just miss the comment and it takes awhile for me to realize I missed it in my notification thing. But, alot of the time, it’s for the VERY same reason that it is so hard to post the comment in the first place. I just have no idea how to say what I want to say. So, maybe the people that don’t reply are going through one of two things; you said something that hits them so hard that they can’t form the right words to express it, orrrr they simply haven’t realized the great things that are held in interacting with others. That’s my take on it anyway. I, personally, wouldn’t stop commenting, if they post something I felt a need to comment on. Maybe, the next comment might just be the comment that nudges them out of their non-replying shell.
    P.S. Sorry for taking up like half your page with this comment, I definitely need to learn the skill of being short and sweet with my words. lol.
    P.S.S. By the way, my take on writing is the same as on commenting, the more you practice the better you get. I wasn’t born a writer either. Shoot, I couldn’t even hold my head up when I was born, but look at me go now! Lol. Don’t ever stop writing!

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    1. S.D. Plotts,
      Never apologize. You do whatever. Liking your comment.
      Pssst. You know I had my comment removed at Morning Story and Dilbert from the post of A family for Freddy. I left a GIF of to show how much I liked the story and OH, it was removed.
      I was so embarrassed.

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      1. I hate saying anything negative about others behavior (unless it’s my husband, I seem to tell him pretty easily. lol) But, I do catch myself very often saying, “Some people….” That is the exact thing I thought when I read about your comment being removed. “SOME people…” They just slow down the earth from turning smoothly. But, I guess, in their defense; I WOULD say that THEY need to try to understand others and all that hoobla that I preach, so I guess it’s only fair to try to understand them. Some people just don’t like awesome animated images, I love em. Lol. To each their own. Just don’t let them stop you from being you!!!!

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  2. I’ll try and do that much more often than I do but some people don’t respond to comments… If I visit and comment on blogs and they don’t respond with even I a smiley face. I never leave a comment again. I figure my reply and the time I take to leave a reply is not important enough for an acknowledgment… Then they don’t need my visit …

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    1. Deanne, I don’t blame you.
      After all this S.D. Plotts did say, To write a comment, a real comment, it forces you to process the information that you have just read. It forces you to learn. It is so HARD to form the right words, to say the right things, to even compose your thoughts in such a way that you can put them into words. It’s not easy.
      Not worth your time doing it if there’s no response back.
      Plotts said it’s so hard to form the right words, yeah, that’s me. Not easy for me. My English sucks and I am embarrassed most of the time when I try to write a comment and I read what I wrote and always not liking it and ended up erasing it and just leave a like.

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      1. I know the feeling… I’ve started writing on other blogs than just change my mind last minute… Or just leave response like beautiful or awesome writing for sometimes when you comment on the content of their writing. You realize they meant something different than you think they’re saying so you end up feeling silly… English has never been my cup of tea either… I only started writing to ease the emotions and pressures I was feeling in my heart 🙂

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