In 1870, after much discussion, St. Louis became the first city in the United States to legalize prostitution

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  1. I thought it was Las Vegas, Nevada was the first legally prostitution..Hell wrong i am thinking of that one in St. Louis, Missouri (Interesting)!!!!

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    1. sonofabeach96,
      Either did I! My dad used to live in Cahokia, Illinois so me and my brothers were down there often for visits. Another thing about St. Louis, Missouri and Cahokia.

      Cahokia was the largest and most influential urban settlement in the Mississippian culture which developed advanced societies across much of what is now the Southeastern United States, beginning more than 500 years before European contact. Cahokia’s population at its peak in the 1200s was as large, or larger, than any European city of that time, and its ancient population would not be surpassed by any city in the United States until about the year 1800. Today, Cahokia Mounds is considered the largest and most complex archaeological site north of the great Pre-Columbian cities in Mexico.
      I’ll be so frigging darned!!!

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                  1. Wow. Never had heard that before, but I see the correlation. Yet, what happened to the American Indian tribes is all but forgotten to most. I think people see them as some side show, in the West and places like Gatlinburg and Cherokee. It’s like some far off native culture that used to roam this land. It was less than 300 years ago that they did roam this land, extensively and nearly exclusively. Sad.

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