The greatest geek who ever lived.

More about him> here.



19 thoughts on “The greatest geek who ever lived.

  1. Good morning Choc Cool Cat,
    Yeah exactly my thought! Edison was a butthole! 3rd butthole I have said, well make it fourth!
    Image that if they listen to Tesla, we be ahead of time and see what he say about electricity? It could be free?


    1. Could be?? Too much electricity today than nowadays?

      I wish FREE would be nice to have electricity for every households, Fuck dirt government made us to pay too much shit

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        1. The Electric Company still damn dirty business everywhere in USA even include the Solar System too much still cost expensive But the bill is cheaper…Right??

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  2. Good morning, jdawgswords,
    It’s 7:45 am, cloudy out there this morning, my favorite kind of day. How about that butthole Edison? Only thing he invented was the electric chair? He electrocuted an elephant?
    We would have been ahead of our time if they would have listened to Tesla? So some suspected Tesla was murdered?


    1. Funny how revisionist history works. The city I grew up in is one in which Edison spent time. His house is dedicated as a museum of sorts, kids take field trips there, etc. He’s widely hailed as a genius but he did steal ideas. History neglects that fact.

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