Book series.

Link> Amazon book series 
at Looking for the Light

15 thoughts on “Book series.

    1. addy, It was the first I have heard of him when I read the post from Looking for the light. Geez! Prick is right!
      I don’t know about the petition against him? But I see there was one before against the other guy? Here’s what Looking fornthe Light said***Together we stopped a similar “pick up artist” named Julien Blanc from getting a visa to enter the UK — now let’s see if we can make Amazon hear us as well.***

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  1. I mean the book is free of charge?? I want to look at it to read the book what he did to stupid these girls that he wrote all about it..Shame on him!!

    I glad you are boycott against the crazy man do run his money to sell his books. DAMN HIM

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  2. Have you read that stupid book?? Does anything have free reader or itunes to pay the book, I don’t want to pay that kind of book But I want to see what he was writing all about rape??

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    1. Choc Cool Cat,
      It is about us not go buy the book. Because of the way he brag about rape. So we boycott that way he won’t make money off it.


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