Buddha9, Look what Miss Evelyn would like for you to do.

Cooking food and drinks

Miss Evelyn: Cooking is so much fun, Thumbup! Maybe Buddha9 can post some recipes!


29 thoughts on “Buddha9, Look what Miss Evelyn would like for you to do.

  1. BUDDHA9 here.. To tell you the truth.. I am a vegetarian.. I roasted most of the vegetables in the oven ,
    eat fruits and drink smoothies …. Simple. Went from size 14 to size six now. Feeling great. I dont eat out. no sweets. No milk but almond milk. winks sorry…

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      1. yes but the expiration date is longer…. 50 percent more calicum than reg milk. When I was in ashram i had a hard time adjusting to vegetarian diet that time i was drinking soy milk at first i gagged but i kept trying … then i loved soy mllk now almond milk even better… Tomorrow ill look for smoothie receipes ..

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      2. I know what you mean by not able to sleep i go through periods of not able to sleep to sleep all times. I noticed i dont need 8 hours of sleep .. i can get by 5 hours and keep on going… of course some days ill nap.

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    1. thumbup i understand you walk alot so you are getting your excercise in .. the only thing is get rid of hot dogs and milk… smile oh sweets got to go


      1. i drink water with all my meals… no coke no tea no nothing the only bad thing i do is drink coffee in the morning. its hard to give up coffee.. that is soooo difficult for me to give that up.

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