184 year old Poinsett Bridge in South Carolina

Callahan Mountain Rd, Landrum, SC 29356.

The> Poinsett Bridge was built in 1820 and was part of the original state road that ran from Charleston to Columbia to Asheville.

The bridge has a 14-foot Gothic arch in the middle of it allowing the Little Gap Creek

to flow gently under it as it connects further down to the North Saluda River.

Little Gap Creek Photo <by Sandra Clark

Historic record and local folklore variously attribute the construction labor to slave gangs and friendly Indians who may have been the remnants of the Catawba, Creek and Cherokee tribes who had inhabited the region for centuries, until 1755 when a treaty ceded land east of present day Greenville to incoming white settlers-Ghost P.R.O. (Paranormal Research Organization

Strange sightings have been recorded, orbs taped on night filming, and cars parked by have known to have starting and electrical problems.

Haunted> Poinsett Bridge

Photos from the> Library of Congress



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