Walk! Walk for your lives! AHHHH!

Coal industry official told local Russian media it was caused by a collapse of waste material at a nearby coal mine.  



28 thoughts on “Walk! Walk for your lives! AHHHH!

                    1. Yes it is! Weird!!! Really weird! That’s probably something I will never get used to… But we managed to create our little tradition that helps my husband and myself to get into the Christmas spirit. For the kids it’s totally normal celebrating it in summer…

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                    2. My son was born in summer back in Europe. Now he is basically a winter baby here… After having lived here for almost ten years, I still call June/July/August summer and then I have to correct myself as it’s winter here…

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                    3. Pretty much June to end of August. But we do have nice and warm days in between on a regular base. Winter means an average of maybe 10 – 15 C maybe it drops down to 4C. No snow, no ice. Just chilly.

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                    4. That’s also why I’ve posted about spring and winter recently. You know, the posts I compare winter / spring in Switzerland with winter / spring in Australia. My summer posts are in planning and will be up when you guys are in winter…

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