Lizzie Borden.

Borden family
Richter’s>If I Were Lizzie Borden’s Neighbor 

Sisters, Emma and Lizzie Borden. 

Lizzie Borden – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<

sarah anthony morse borden/Died March 26, 1863

Victims: Andrew Borden







Andrew Borden. He was Lizzie’s father. He was found found slumped on the couch dead at the age of 70 with one eye split cleanly in two. It was seen that he was hit with a Hatchet about 10 times
Victims: Abby BordenAbby Borden. She was Lizzie Borden’s step mother. They found her dead on the same day she was 65. She was hit with a hatchet about 19 times.
Did Lizzie Borden kill her parents with an ax because she
 having an affair with a married maid?

Lizzie had been sexually abused by her father since the age of 13… her doc was aware of the abuse, but was a bit of a family secret. His wife was also aware.  It was something that wasn’t spoken of EVER, because it was, what it was. More> Lizzie Borden


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