Yesterday during my class reunion, I took off by myself to explore my former school.
Went to the main building.
Went all the way upstairs to the 4 th floor, the area not touched by remodeling. Exactly the same when it was 1st built 100 years ago.
Got in the attic. Fantastic! On the downlow, you know, tee hee!
Then onward to the basement.
First I saw something that looks like a cage with a lock. Then all of a sudden I remembered the story how the houseparents would put one of the student in it but I thought it was just a story, you know. No such thing as a cage but nope, there it is! So the story was real!
Then I walked farther into the hallway of the basement and came upon a locked door with the label on it.
With the warning, Caution biohazard.
When I came home today, I googled the word. The word was

pathogen is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. The term is most often used for agents that disrupt the normal physiology of a multicellular animal or plant. However, pathogens can infect unicellular organisms from all of the biological kingdoms.
Sup with that? What does it mean?
In the basement of the dormitory where the students live? Where there’s a dining hall for the students to eat?
I would very much like to know what you all’s thoughts are?

34 thoughts on “Pathogen.

    1. Nadine, I am sorry but I am so laughing my head off! OH gosh! LOL! OK now, LOL! I made another post about the same subject. Take a look!LOL!
      Still laughing!


    1. I told one of my classmate about the cage I found while we all were at the golden corral having supper and he told me the person who was put there was one of my former classmate who was sitting next to us! I know the dude and I was just sick to my stomach to know that this was this poor dude! We were careful not to let the dude who was put there know we were talking about him being put into the cage.
      OH god!

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    1. OH GOOD! I was thinking me yiking was silly but you’re also yiking! Hell yeah! YIKES! When I came upon that door at the very end of the dark hallway in the basement, I freaked out and ran like hell out of there! But I think, too late. I got whatever was behind the locked door because now I am feeling not good? LOL!

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      1. Ohhhh fuuuck. 😣
        But then, it might just be psychosomatic. I wouldn’t sweat it too much honey! 😘

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        1. LOL! YUP! Still I find it disturbing! Why the hell is it in the basement where the students sleep and eat?
          Also why is it on the campus of Iowa school for the deaf?

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          1. Yeah that warrants an investigation at the very least. An anonymous phone call might do the trick.

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  1. That cage sounds absolutely frightening! Oh, I wish you had taken a pic of it!! The Bio box is disturbing and should have been disposed of properly. Are you able to report the box anonymously, so you don’t get into trouble for snooping 😀

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    1. Yes. I wish I had a camera with me! Damn it! This campus is owned by government. You wanna know what am freaking thinking about? They are using us deaf students as a lab rats!

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