Well! Well! Well! YEOW!

of >1946  I am kinda feeling not good? I am freaking about whatever was behind the locked door was not successfully contained and I got whatever Pathogen ? <Link.

Like the book by Stephen King, The Stand?

At a remote U.S. Army base, a weaponized strain of influenza, officially known as Project Blue and nicknamed “Captain Trips”, is accidentally released. Despite an effort to put the base under lockdown, a security malfunction allows a soldier, Charles Campion, to escape with his family. By the time the military tracks Campion to Texas, he has already died of the illness and triggered a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions which eventually kills off 99.4% of the world’s human population.

The part where the worker escaped the army base before it was locked down and he was with his family who was all dead in the car and he said, “The center did not hold.” I am thinking, the locked door in the basement did not hold!

I am kinda expecting these people to come breaking down the door to my unit!


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