Biohazard laboratory.

Biohazardous Waste– refers to waste (e.g. body fluids or tissues) which has the risk of carrying human pathogens.  Biohazardous Waste is usually generated at health care facilities or research facilities, and the term is used interchangeably with Medical Waste.
It’s is not health care facilities. It’s school for the deaf children. So then are they using one of the rooms in the basement of the main building as a research facilitiesLink> Do You Live Near a High Containment Biohazard Laboratory?
Look at the blue dot in the middle of the pink USA map of high containment biological facilities in the world.
Regular map of USA with the red dot and the name of city and state where the school for the deaf is at.
Is it in the same area?

38 thoughts on “Biohazard laboratory.

            1. About the why. Look at the blue dot on the pink map. It’s new, under construction? It was a chosen place to have it there? What is it? I have no idea! Only thing I could think is Ebola.

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                    1. Remember it’s a state school? OK. Look.
                      (1946 – 1953) The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission sponsors studies in which researchers from Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Boston University School of Medicine feed mentally disabled students at Fernald State School Quaker Oats breakfast cereal spiked with radioactive tracers every morning so that nutritionists can study how preservatives move through the human body and if they block the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Later, MIT researchers conduct the same study at Wrentham State School

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                    2. I don’t mind telling you that I am kinda wondering if I got something biohazardous on me when I stood in front of the door with my hand on the doorknob!

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  1. This is where I hate to click “like” but I do agree with what you’re saying! Sheesh… what in the blue fuck is going on in there???

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