Morbid Are You Really? < Take the quiz.
UH OH! I am: Totally morbid!
TotallyYou are an extremely morbid, twisted and dark human being.
You think about death a lot, and you are drawn to grotesque, creepy imagery whether it’s on TV or in real life.
Make sure you keep that stuff to yourself, you don’t want to creep anyone out.

29 thoughts on “How

  1. You’re a little bit morbid!
    You’re just a little morbid! You are mostly a very innocent, light and cheery person whose mind stays pretty clear of the gutter! You don’t like to think about death and suffering too much, and when you do it creeps you out!

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  2. I’m not totally morbid, but I’m pretty morbid, apparently:

    You’re pretty morbid!

    You’re a pretty morbid person… Your mind drifts into the darkness a lot, and you are very curious when it comes to death, disease and suffering. The good news is you are a happy and jovial person most of the time, and your dark thoughts generally manifest into humor! Keep on laughing!

    I can deal with that, LOL

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    1. I gotta stop taking the quizzes! I get wtf when I get the answers and comparing my it and getting all why me not the same and better answers like the others? LOL! But today’s a good one, at least Jim’s same as mine! LOL!

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