17th century Icelanders used to wear

Caution! Mute speakers before clicking on the link. Seems to be some annoyingly snotty British voice going on over there so says gigoid. Sorry didn’t know cuz I’m deaf! LOL!

trousers like this.


12 thoughts on “17th century Icelanders used to wear

  1. Haha! Your warning made me switch ON my speakers.
    That’s some lovely British accent, just what we learnt in school in our first years of English lessons. No nasty American drawl for us back then, but sophisticated Britishness, if you don’t mind.
    This guy sound exactly like the voices on learner’s CDs *ROFL*

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      1. Yep! They’re usually switched off because it is so annoying when some commercial starts blaring. But this British voice was just too tempting 😉


  2. Ack! The site at the pants link tried to hijack my speakers!…. Careful, milady, re: links… sometimes they can turn out to be intrusive, like a lot of the main stream sites are now… take about five minutes to load all the ads and video crap they want to shove in front of you…

    I was there long enough to see the “necropants” concept, if not the pix. Now, that’s some serious recycling going on there; I guess i’is like the culture in Frank Herbert’s novel, Dune, where, after death, the individual’s body, and resources, (water, in that case) became the property of the tribe, to be re-used as long as possible to help others…. This sounds a bit more perverse though, unless they are superior insulating material…


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      1. LOL! It was a book, long before it was made into TWO movie versions, one excellent, the other not quite as good, both with most excellent FX…. Don’t mean to laugh, but, both were fair sized hits… not an SciFi fan?….

        Now you have two excellent movies to find & stream…. plus, a whole series of nine or so books now; the theme was picked up by his son and other authors collaborating. It’s a whole future possible history of Mankind, in the far future, twenty-plus thousand years from now… but, people are still people… Something to look forward to, I hope….


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        1. Oh, re: the link… just add a caution to mute speakers before going there. Seems to cut off the annoyingly snotty British voice…

          As for the movies, I imaging both are available online, either via Netflix, or one of the streaming sites. I don’t do TV either, but, I do watch them online, of the few kinds I enjoy… I also like to get DVD’s from the library, free, and run them on the computer…


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            1. Yep; that’s one thing they haven’t taken away, for those who USE it. Of course, now they DO track what you read, or do online while on their computer network, but, hey, we’re not supposed to know that….


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