tree autumn plant windy day leaves floating

It’s raining here today and it’s so dark inside my home that I got the lights on and it’s only one in the afternoon!

I see that the office buildings, cafe and several other businesses got their lights on too!

I just love this kind of weather!

Going to go step outside among the darkness, the fog and the drizzling!


26 thoughts on “Gosh!

    1. For heaven sake’s! You guys be hurting old man winter’s feelings! It snowed over where OM lives! Can you believe it? Well, I am having a disbelief myself too today after seeing the double rainbow while it was raining with the sun shining!

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  1. Tbh I kind of hate this weather. The only good thing is that it means I come home and put my pyjamas on and just watch movies (provided I don’t have a ton of schoolwork, which I normally do ugh).

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  2. Living in the desert, a rainy cloudy day is a real gift and treat that I really appreciate.
    Enjoy your moving graphics..I’m sure there is a more modern term for them.
    All my best to you on enjoying your rainy day.

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    1. I heard desert’s quite pretty in it’s own way? Moving graphics, it’s called Animated GIFS. On the sidebar on the playground, there’s a how to use GIFS, just click on the image of click here. I get most of the GIFS from google images. Go check it out, it’s amazing!

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