Bloody heck.

Got a headache.
No likey.
Every thing on my head hurts even my hair!
When I have it, can’t read or do anything but lay down and wait till it goes away in maybe 3 fricking days!


46 thoughts on “Bloody heck.

  1. Sounds like migraine-style headache.. my daughter gets them… I’m trying to convince her to try medical marijuana products to improve it; it seems to fix every other bad condition humans get. So far, there’s evidence it kills cancer, stops epilepsy, shrinks and destroys tumors, improves all body system functions, and helps damaged organs and tissue repair itself (I use it on cuts, and bruises, which heal at least twice as fast as before…)

    I see no reason why a therapeutic dose of cannabis oils wouldn’t improve the headaches, and possibly cause them to stop happening… and, it CAN’T hurt you, in any way. NO known side effects, unless taken too fast, before you are accustomed to its strength. Those effects can include some dizziness, drowsiness, and anxiety, all mild as a rule and pass off within a short time, as the cannabis is digested.

    Worth a try, don’t you think? It might help, it can’t hurt. That’s what I call win-win…


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      1. Hmm… might be time to consider a change of venue… The choice is yours to make…. Colorado isn’t too far south from Iowa… and, in these days of the internet, it’s not as if one can’t keep in touch with family from anywhere in the world…



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  2. Oh wow that sounds like a migraine 😦 No fun. Sending good, relaxing, healing vibes your way…not sure if that actually works but I’m doing it anyway! lol ❀

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    1. mentalbreakinprogress, OH! That was fast! Was getting ready to log out. Thank you kindly for sending me the vibes! Man, the light from the computer hurts my eyes! What do I need to do? Wear sunglasses? Bloody heck! LOL! Going to log out and go lay down, good night.

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