7 years

before World War II,
Stalin’s Joint State Political Directorate came up with a plan that would remove thousands of “undesired” individuals from Russian cities.
Many of these people were poor, homeless, and handicapped. Basically, anyone who Stalin deemed unfit when it came to creating the image of a model country was cast out.
Originally, six thousand people were forced to float down the river to Nazino Island. By the time they reached their distination, 27 people had already died from starvation.6200 people were dumped on Nanzino Island, located in Western Siberia which resulted in 4,000 settler’s death.



10 thoughts on “7 years

      1. I guess there are many of such happenings, hidden between the pages of the time elapsing… humans are able to do such awful and sickening things since ages. I’m afraid only a terrible catastrophe will end that mischievous and outrageous behaviour. There is greed and thirst of power behind every killing action… no matter when or where it has been always like that.
        I wish you peace in your soul :-)c

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  1. Hello Thumbup
    You put a comment in my last post
    I dont understand what do you mean..
    Are you upset because the subtitle is in Arabic??
    I thought you will know what he says through the mouth movement..

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