As I was laying on my bed, getting ready to fall asleepImage result for animated gif laying in bed falling asleepthen 

I woke up because I felt my bed sort of moving from right to left or from left to right ever so slightly.

What the heck? Got up.
Walked into the living room,
looked around then looked out the windows. 

Didn’t see anything, looked at the time, 1:45 am.
Today I googled  earthquake tracker and found this. 

It’s the 2nd time I felt the earthquake. The first time was this Image result for animated gif pointing down


21 thoughts on “AH HA!

  1. Heck, a little shaker like that ain’t nothin;…. Come to California, where the earthquakes knock us OUT of the bed…. We don’t even count them until they knock stuff of the walls…



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