That’s quite a mouthful!


36 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. Is he really eating them? I think there’s a fish that takes the little ones inside its mouth to protect them from predators and then releases them again when the threat is over… kind of spits them out… but maybe it’s just a story…

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    1. there are also fish down there that cleans the big ones. They eat the dirt and bacteria on their teeth and body, giving the small fish a feed and the big fish healthy.

      Its quite a system. i think this is the case… otherwise very unlicky fish.

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              1. Hehehehe!!! Okay, so I didn’t find anything about a big fish protecting the little ones from predators. It’s probably about what addy said and the cleaner fish cleaning the teeth. Maybe at some stage in some show the narrator mentioned that they are protected by predators while they’re in there cleaning and that might have stuck to me. But I will investigate further…

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