You were thinking of 5!

YouPicking the number 5 means you are a strong minded person, stubborn at times, but that usually comes to your advantage. Your personal freedom is very important to you, and you tend to be very motivated and understanding.
I’ll be darned! They were right! I picked # five!
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22 thoughts on “You were thinking of 5!

  1. ROFL! I’m not sure what to think! The number that came up wasn’t the one I was thinking of, but it is one of a few numbers that represent me. So…since it is half right, I won’t post either number – but those who pay attention to what I write and post just MIGHT get it!

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          1. I’m feeling the Christmas spirit but I don’t know how to get those moving decorations you have on you blog on mine. I’m digging Santa☺️

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