Hi ya you all, long time no see.

I was in the middle of answering you all’s comments and I had to stop and make a post and tell you this. You all never fail to get me all grinning and chuckling! I needed that big time!

Been busy, you know, the living situation here where I live.

I’ll go ahead and name them.

Fuck them.

The building where I live is called Bluffs Towers. It’s a place for low income people to live. 

It’s managed by Knudson Management Inc., Story is Knudson sold it to some one else and the new owner will have Knudson manage his building.

Bruce Michael <Link

These Knudson Management Inc people whose office is across the street from the Bluffs Towers are all related to one another.

President Christie Johnson, Knudson Management CoLandlord Stephanie Knudson took over when Susan Tiarks quit and Beverly Rodriguez, she’s a tenant here and Mark Storm, maintenance for Bluffs Towers.

All of them. Horrid.

I am trying to get higher up to listen and to tell them what all of these people are doing to the tenants here.

It’s wrong!

You know most of them have different kinds of disabilities and they are timid. They stay quiet because they are afraid.

They evicted a lot of people for no reason at all. They got evicted because these people don’t want them there after the owner finish remodeling the building.

They lie big time.

I have lived there for 25 years. Got hired as housekeeping there by Rita Foster who was my former landlord and supervisor. Worked and lived under her management for 7 years. Then she retired on 2011.

Susan Tiarks took over and she became my supervisor and landlord. In the beginning it was fine until she started to hang out a lot with one of the tenant, Beverly Rodriguez.

It started to go bad. Susan Tiarks gave her a master key which a lot of us tenants did not like at all. She also let her hang out in the office where tenants are there to do landlord/tenants business which we felt was an invasion of our privacy.

As time goes on I got so sick of them walking around the building scowling and lording all over us. Acting all hateful, telling the rest of the tenants they like personal and private business of other tenants they don’t like.

I have seen them go into tenant’s unit without 24 hours notification and I was appalled. There has been complaints from tenants that their stuff has gone missing from their units.

Then one day when Susan Tiarks needed to come into our unit for inspection she brought tenant Beverly Rodriguez into our unit with her.

I got fed up. I read the paperwork that advised employees that if we observe other employees acting in a manner which is not consistent with the regulations, I am to confidentially discuss with my supervisor.

But Susan Tiarks is my supervisor so I go to Christie Johnson who is Susan Tiarks’s supervisor and asked her why is tenant Beverly Rodriguez being involved with management’s business? Being in the office while Susan Tiarks are doing private business with tenants? Coming into our unit which we felt was an invasion of our privacy. Having a master key? Going into tenants units without 24 hours notification? Also I mentioned past employees had been repeatedly entering my unit without 24 hours notification while I was home.

Christie Johnson said it’s not allowed. I thought good. Problem solved. Beverly Rodriguez stopped going with Susan Tiarks into our unit and stayed out of the office when there’s business between tenants and landlord.

But my job got changed drastically.

Christie Johnson did not keep the confidentially rules. She told the employees. past and present, what I had told her.

They changed my work hours to set hours starting at 10:00 am till 2 pm. 

I told Susan NO! 
It’s my time to go to the doctors, dentist, taking the bus to the grocery store, go to the center to do some work out for my back which I had got hurt from working here at the Bluffs Tower and I was making plans to go to school.
Those 10 am is when the residents comes out and hang around in the lobby, you know sit and visit with the other residents. Most of them are men.

She knows that! When Susan first started working at the Bluffs Tower, she was asking me questions you know, she was real nice then. I was telling her that I was really grateful for Bluffs Tower for giving me a place to live and a place to work. And the hours were so perfect for me and the residents.

It was willful, malicious and retaliatory action against me for making a complaint to Christie Johnson.  She is also in it too. She’s now denying I have made complaints to her.

Before they changed the hours after me working there for 7 years at no set hours, I go start working in the basement at 6 am cleaning up the laundry room, getting it ready for the residents when it opens at 7am, it was my responsibility to open it at 7 am and close it at 7 pm-7 days a week.
8 am I go up to the lobby and clean it up before the residents comes down mainly for their protection, you know like wet floors and I clean up the stairs before they all come down, like sweeping and mopping. I do the elevators, both elevators. I do all the mopping before nine am. This is what I was trained to do by a former housekeeper before she left.
Nine am I do the vacuuming of the hallways. The quiet rules here in the Bluffs Towers are from 10:00 pm to 8 am.
When more supplies are needed I am handed a card to use to pay the supplies and I go walking to Ace hardware and get them.
10:00 am I am done. I go do some personal business during the hours of 10:00 am to 2 pm. It’s in daytime. It’s when buses are running, business are open, doctors offices are open same with dentist office, I visit my family and friends. I go to the library.
After they changed the hours, I could not go do any personal business like doctors, dentist because it does not open before nine am and I could not do anything before 10:00 am because I had to be there at 7 am to open up the laundry room and leave and wait till 10:00 am to start working.
They also took all the keys given to me by my former supervisor/landlord Rita Foster at the Bluffs Towers away from me when I was first hired. The only keys they did not take was the keys to the restrooms in the basement and the laundry room.
During those work hours I had been screamed at by Susan and Beverly in front of all the residents and the visitors that come to the Bluffs Tower. I was constantly being humiliated by them. Constantly being told what to do by Beverly and former maintenance man, Shawn Carmichael.
After 2:00 pm when I am done. It’s too late to do any of my personal business.
The last straw was when I had the laundry room key taken away from me and they changed the laundry room hours 7 am to 7 pm to 8:30 am to 5 pm. On the weekends it was closed. My only 2 days off and it’s closed?
Now I have no time to do my laundry!
While Beverly Rodriguez have the key to the laundry room and use it on the week end when the laundry room was closed for the rest of the residents!
A year of this I got tired. Got mad. Starting to not care if I get fired if I raise hell.
I asked for my hours back as it was when I was first hired and was denied by Susan. I asked Susan that I would like to have a meeting set up between her and Christie to talk about the hours changed back as it was before, this time I was insistent about getting an sign language interpreter.
The first meeting was set up but no ASL interpreter and I refused to attend the meeting without the interpreter so Christie set up another meeting, this time ASL interpreter was provided.
Had a meeting with the sign language interpreter. They still will not let me go back to the hours I have had before. Was to work the next day at the hours set by them.
Went out, came back home. Envelope taped on my door. Fired.
Filed for unemployment, denied, appealed, won.
Now as a tenant. I have been served one lease violation notices after another. 
Many more shit done by maintenance Mark Storm. 
Susan Tiarks quit. Different landlord. We thought, great! Nope. She’s Knudson. Same old same old. Beverly Rodriguez is still in the office all the time with the different landlord Stephanie Knudson.
So far under Stephanie I have been served  3 Lease violation notices. Had my friend banned from coming in Bluffs Towers to visit me.

 But I am still here! LOL! The rest of the tenants are happy I am giving them hard time fighting back.

Can you image I had one of the tenants, before she moved out, asking me if I could go raise hell?  I go well, what about you? Why don’t you speak up? She said she’s afraid and she was taught to stay quiet and not cause any trouble.

That did it for me. Here I am raising hell.

Will still fight till I get evicted or whatever. Go down in flame!


41 thoughts on “Hi ya you all, long time no see.

  1. You’re doing the right thing. I’m with you. Keep fighting. In some way you already have won a part victory. Their acting against you proves that they can’t get you. They have to play unfair. Don’t sink to their level. Be strong, be smart and get legal aid if it’s possible.

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  2. bloody hell Thumbup. that sounds horrible, what a bunch of cowadly bully’s. i hope you raise hell and give them what for. although i cant physically help you, you have my support and i will always listen if you need an ear to chew.

    Try and get legal aid. and it might be a good idea to record some of the abuse.
    good luck

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  3. I am so sorry that you have been going through this! I know how horrible it is. I had a hateful vindictive landlady years ago, when I was going through a painful divorce and I just wanted to live and let live and be left alone. When you have this level of harassment going on in the place where you live — where do you go to find peace? Your home should be your sanctuary.

    And in your case, this was also your workplace. Horrible! You are awesome for fighting back. I hope you will find a much better place to live soon.

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      1. After I left my earlier comment, I remembered that some of the best things that ever happened to me, happened soon after I moved from the place where I had been harassed so horribly. These wonderful experiences would not have happened if I had stayed in the old place.

        So in my case, being left with no choice but to move, when I did not want to move, turned out to be a most fortuitous event! I am actually glad, now, that my landlady years ago was so horrible. Otherwise, I would have stayed in that lovely inexpensive apartment and missed out on the best years of my life.

        I hope the same will be true for you — that moving will put you on a path to a far better life. 🙂

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        1. I had a similar situation happen to me years ago.

          Be strong Thumb Up, and know that I wish for you the best and highest outcome. Which may as Linda Lee put so well result in an unexpected but best years of your life scenario.

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  4. I’m not sure where you are, but, most cities have a law office or service that provides legal advice to those without enough resources to afford such services. I believe any lawyer alive would take your case, and not only stop the harassment, but, cost the company a LOT of money…. The law these days is pretty strict about abusing those with disabilities, and it’s obvious they’ve been actively doing so… You have the evidence for not only your own issues, but, possibly a class action suit against the owners. Abuse of seniors or disabled citizens is frowned upon strongly by most states, and the laws reflect that….

    Get a lawyer, and kick their stupid asses to the curb!….

    gigoid, the dubious

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    1. gigoid,
      Talked to the person from fair housing. I can only get them for discrimination for not providing me an interpreter. Nothing else.
      So I wonder. Can I still go ahead to legal aid and have a lawyer look it over?

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      1. Yes, of course. Fair housing only deals with one part of those laws. The fact you’ve already got a decision from them adds weight to any other suit you may bring, in civil court. There are a lot of options when it is as clear-cut as your issue. They were wrong, and you have evidence. Any good personal injury lawyer would take the case, usually on a contingency basis, meaning, if they win, you, and they split the amount, with their percentage set by law, leaving the rest for you… If they lose, you don’t get anything, but, usually don’t have to pay anything, either.
        I’m not a lawyer, but, I do know tenants have rights, and there ARE penalties when they are obviously abrogated…

        Yes, you can, and, if it were me, I would start looking for some legal advice; it can usually be found for free, or, according to what you can pay….


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  5. Lol… Wow. It’s sad and unfair but your delivery of it was so funny. I’m glad you’re doing ok otherwise. I hope your situation gets a whole lot better soon. Sometimes people in a position of power let it get to them head. Thinking they have the right to mistreat others. Hugs

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