China is planning to build the world largest

Particle Collider in 2020,​ twice the size of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.
Not too sure I like the idea!


12 thoughts on “China is planning to build the world largest

  1. Ffolkes,

    Scientific research, of any kind, is one of our ways to find out what we DON’T know about the universe…. as such, it is important…. Sadly, human nature also has a tendency to allow curiosity to lead us down pathways more dangerous than we know; atomic energy via fission is a perfect example of messing with powers of nature we don’t fully comprehend. Hence; Fukushima….

    This sort of research has been going on at several places around the world, such as the one in Cern, for almost 50 years.. So far the physicists have managed to NOT create any singularities, which could conceivably EAT our planet, nor have they accidentally created a wormhole to fall into…. but, they don’t KNOW exactly what they are doing, nor do they know what all the possible things that can go wrong may be….

    It’s a tough question, which they generally answer by going ahead and finding out, whether the public approves, or not….

    Tough to say what is better, as they’ve already come up with a LOT of knowledge that has improved our lives immensely, as part of the newer technologies we are seeing,most of which make our lives both simpler and more complex….

    It will be interesting to see what results they come up with…. Using a particle accelerator is, in itself, not particularly dangerous… what is dangerous it our lack of knowledge of what we may find, by accident, which, by definition, cannot be foreseen….

    Life is dangerous; you may as well get used to it, for the universe doesn’t care whether what happens makes us afraid, or not… It’s going to happen anyway….

    gigoid, the dubious


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