Forgive and not forgetting?

Always I have seen people say, 

It never felt right.
I think forgiving is also forgetting.
It goes hand in hand.

If you’re not going to forget then don’t bother saying I forgive you because you didn’t.


21 thoughts on “Forgive and not forgetting?

  1. Sending lots of love and big hugs your way! 🙂 ❤ ((((big hugs))) Deanne paid tribute to you and I have always liked your positive energy. To know you are hurting during this time saddens me. I wish I could make things better. You are in my thoughts and prayers ❤ xo

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  2. This is so true. When people say ‘i forgive you’ they should never use that thing against the person again. Yes, what they did may hurt and I don’t agree with forgetting, I think that they’ll always remember it inside if it was bad, but they shouldn’t use it against them. Ever. Coz they forgave them. So it would be wrong to do so.

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  3. A much deeper question than it appears at first glance, milady…. People mostly don’t think about such things, because it makes them uncomfortable. It can take courage to think, especially if the results are not what are expected, or preferred….

    So, since people WILL be people, it is a choice they must make, to either think about such things, or to accept what their pre-conceived notions and misconceptions tell them. Usually, those misconceptions don’t have anything to do with what is real; it is merely what they have always been told, and accept without ever bothering to think about whether or not it makes any sense in the real world…..

    Since another human trait is laziness, especially when it comes to thinking, far too many people end up making the choice to parrot their teachings, no matter how bigoted, or racist, or delusional they may be in truth…. Hence, mass shootings, continual wars, and a world struggling not to collapse, as too many people altogether try to share a finite amount of resources, with no thought those resources ARE finite….

    SIGH…. Sorry, Christmas can be hard on us curmudgeons…. Have a good one, anyway. This time of year, at least a large percentage of the world at least TRYS not to be stupid….

    gigoid, the extremely dubious

    BTW, I can forgive, and/or forget…. both are choices. Just make them fair and, your own, not anyone else’s….

    g, td….


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      1. Hmm… I guess I wasn’t as clear as I might have been; I have to say yes, and no. It’s a choice… Let’s consider 3 separate issues all have encountered, where the general issue might arise. I’ll tell you MY choices in each one, and I think you’ll see it…

        1. In the heat of a game, someone does something, to me, which can be considered rude, immoral, unethical, physically harmful perhaps, or, just plain assholishness… After the game, they don’t apologize… I can choose to forget, and not forgive, until knowing more of them, and why they acted that way….

        2. While playing with a dog not my own, it bites me… then runs away…. I will forgive, and forget, easily, for it wasn’t my dog. The risk was mine, as the one without knowing the dog.

        3. Someone, through action, or, inaction, attempts to deliberately harm (in any way, economic, mental, physical, legal… ), or even kill anyone, or anything, with complete indifference…. I would neither forgive, nor forget. Hopefully, I would also act….

        As Albert Einstein said, “The world is not a a dangerous place because evil exists; it is dangerous because of those who see evil and do nothing.”

        I could think of many other situations; so could you. It’s all a choice… Sorry but. that’s reality for us humans….

        See, I said it was deeper than it appeared…




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        1. LOL! Love it! I am like if someone asks me for forgiveness and I forgive them, to forgive them is to include forgetting it.
          1.You mean after this heated moment, you be still around them even when they did not apologize?
          2. Not going to forget a dog bite! Will be wary next time!
          3.OH! Me too!
          What Albert says, so true!

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          1. See? Your answer is more proof, we are all different, and make different choices….in the same situations.

            Now it’s clearer why history repeats itself so often…. Humans have never learned to understand themselves, much less anyone else. Why do we expect to be able to live together, without using the only tool we have to figure out how…. our minds?

            Obviously, it’s something we have yet to learn…


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