and more candles at Firebox.


29 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Since James and I are old friends, (We both are friends with Mr John Daniels, as well…), thanks for the picture….

    I’m astonished that we humans know of the characteristic of candles to create tiny particles of pressurized carbon, and have not yet figured out how to collect them as they are created, and mold them together…. Seems like a perfectly positioned idea for some new startup research….

    But, then, I suppose, if we could make diamonds that easily, they would no longer be rare, and would lose all value as an item worth “money”.. Too bad, so sad…. It would be a perfect demonstration of how reality has no real equivalent to money… it is ONLY an idea, and ONLY has the value we give it in our minds. The universe at large doesn’t need it, or use it….

    Just sayin’….

    gigoid, the dubious


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      1. They’re already doing all they can to control who goes into space…. Not a done deal, but, they will try….

        You can buy a ticket to go to the Space Station, now; all it takes is several hundred million dollars. One or two rich assholes have already done that….


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                    1. Beam me up
                      An expression used when getting drunk off of Jim Beam, referring to Star Trek. When one says “Beam me up” They usually intend to get drunk to the point that they may as well actually be “beamed up,” because they intend to be completely incoherent, and trying to carry out a real conversation with them would be almost impossible.
                      Scotty: Dude I just got a couple bottles of Jim Beam!
                      Ted: Shit dude! Beam me up!

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