Do as directed.


14 thoughts on “Do as directed.

      1. Perhaps so; I do laugh at myself frequently. Humor begins in self-inspection; if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at, or with others?

        However, I would ask you one simple question, to wit: do you honestly believe there is a human being who does not lie? Moreover, of those human beings, how can one who must deal with enemies on every side be logically, or even ethically expected to tell the truth all the time? It isn’t possible, nor is it possible to be completely sure he doesn’t, unless one possesses full telepathic powers….

        Everyone tells lies; no one tells everything about themselves….And many will lie about that TO themselves.

        He is an admirable leader, as such men go, but, he is a human being, first. He lies sometimes, even if his basic nature is to be honest.


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          1. Sorry… this comment was supposed to go to another blog,,, I don’t know how it got sent here… a new WP glitch, I guess. i was talking about Putin….

            Just ignotr it, or delete it…


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