Thanks a lot great great great grandpa and/or grandma!

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19 thoughts on “Thanks a lot great great great grandpa and/or grandma!

  1. From what I understand stress and fear raise cortisol levels. If a pregnant woman experiences a trauma or chronic abuse the fetus shares the elevated cortisol levels which can potentially cause the child to have a higher baseline of the stress hormones in his blood stream.

    What you get is a child that is more anxious in general. He or she may even have the kind of startle response that is typical of people with PTSD.

    There is some interesting research on this question of how trauma changes the biochemistry of the body.

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        1. My mom’s had a lot of you know, nervousness? I am the same way. Much better now. When I was younger I was horribly shy that it so crippled me. Now not so shy. Used to get drunk so I could have some liquid courage just to even step out the door.

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          1. I shudder to think of the cortisol levels any child of mine would have; there is also some evidence that generations of a particular environmental force alters us genetically–A quick study was done of women who were pregtnant and in the twin towers on 9/11. The survivors had blood draws and when the babies were born their blood was drawn. The children showed a higher baseline level of cortisol.


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  2. Without examining the actual research suggested, I cannot say if it has any value… This is what creates ‘urban myths’, i.e., plausible scientific theories not proven by corroborative evidence…. It does SOUND plausible, in a certain way, and, may actually be true, to a small degree.

    This makes it yet another lesson to learn about what is inside one’s self, rather than looking outside for ways to deal with unsubstantiated, or vague, unaccounted for fears…. It’s all there inside, if we discover where to look….

    Fear is a choice; learning about what your are afraid of is the cure, for it is the reaction of a child to fear the unknown; an adult learns what is necessary to dismiss it as not worthy of fearing….

    gigoid, the dubious

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  3. I’ve heard this before and it’s rubbish. And no it isn’t on the mother’s side only coming only from the grandmother. I’ve heard that as well and it’s nonsense.

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