Yellow rain

In 1981 President Reagan accused the Russians of using chemical warfare against farmers in Laos. Apparently yellow drops were falling from the sky and killing crops. The US ramped up production of chemical weapons in reply but the drops eventually turned out to be something very natural…bee poop <Click

22 thoughts on “Yellow rain

  1. Typical Reagan non-logic; assume the worst….

    Pfft. Idiot…. No, make that living-proof of evil idiot….

    gigoid, the dubious

    who is NOT an admirer of the Raygun


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          1. It was common knowledge in Berkeley at the time he was Prez, he and Nancy BOTH had regular sessions with an astrologer for readings…. Several articles from that era made a point of ridiculing the idea of a US President actually believing in any of that nonsense….

            Still, many millions of ignorant Americans still think he was the best Prez ever… which goes to show what has happened to Thomas Jefferson’s idea of the “informed citizen”.



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              1. Well, having had Ronnie in my face most of my life, I know a LOT about him; he was governor when I was in college at UC Berkeley. One time, after the protests about the killings at Kent State, he remarked, “If they want a bloodbath, we’ll give it to them.”, referring to the young Americans who were exercising their First Amendment rights…. So, yeah, I knew all about his commitment to evil right from the get….


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