Coca-Cola’s Christmas-edition bottle.


15 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s Christmas-edition bottle.

  1. Cute trick…. The bottle is way cool, but, in the selections offered when done, on my screen, was a song from Playing for, a version of “Stand By Me”…. it is OUTSTANDING, and, one of the best causes you could ever choose to support… not to mention the best music you will ever hear, recorded live by musicians from all over the world….

    Check it out; on You Tube, or Google, type in Playing for Change…. you’ll see what I mean…


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          1. You have a natural feel for the algorithm it employs, and how to find whatever you wish to know…. That’s magic, from a certain point of view (to pirate Obi-wan Kenobi a trifle..)


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              1. It’s a math term; it’s just an equation, which give the search program instructions on how to deal with each query…. e.g. it is an “if, then” proposition… “If a, then b,” or” further extensions… They can be very complex, or very simple….

                I think your mind just settles itself into a pattern which Google is designed to emulate; thus, it seems to know what you want, just by the way you ask for it…

                That’s what I mean by a natural ‘feel’ for it…. Your mind seems to work in a way that instinctively asks the question so that Google can find it quickly and accurately….

                Ain’t math grand?


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