14 thoughts on “Sheri’s Berries 45 Christmas

  1. Cool factoid..’ a couple were, i think urban myths. The word Chrismas actually came from Russia’s New Year celebration,dating from pagan times, to celebrate the end of winter, and the coming rebirth in Spring.. Easter, before the Catholic church stole it, was a Druid ceremony. Oester, celebrating the Spring Equinox…
    The rabbit was the pagan animal representing the rebirth of Spring….The eggs were added later, for a reason I neither know, nor, can figure out… What to eggs have to do with ranblts.

    ;-)…. Trivia head here….


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      1. Well, yeah; rabbits are, in fact, pretty fertile. But, how many brightly colored eggs have you seen them lay?….

        What do chickens have to do with either the winter equinox, which is the original celebration to welcome rebirth, as the days get longer until spring from that day on, or, with Jesus? Were there chickens in the stable by the manger? Maybe that’s it…. yeah, chickens…. but, wait, wasn’t he actually born in the late summer?

        Ah well, who knows…? I don’t.

        gigoid, dubiously puzzled….


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