Good lord! That’s a lot of teeth!

I had no idea! Geez! Think of all the cavities that needs to be filled!  More.


20 thoughts on “Good lord! That’s a lot of teeth!

  1. It kinda creeps me out alittle… Very interesting though. I think I seen it somewhere on tv awhile about about someone that had hundreds, maybe thousands of teeth in is mouth but theirs weren’t so perfectly shaped.

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          1. I was trying to imagine plucking them all out of his/her mouth and making all the additional teeth vanished and his/her mouth back to normal with no remaining wholes where the teeth were.

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  2. Interesting condition; I saw a couple cases working in a hospital for developmentally disabled individuals. Though not known for certain, it’s most likely due to a strand of DNA altered in utero, perhaps by exposure to radiation, for example, or, some sort of mutation many, many generations ago that has never been culled from the gene pool for some reason… I doubt there are enough people who have it to do any deep research into possible causes, or cures…. Thus, not something we know how to fix… We can only treat it so far as to make the person as comfortable as possible while they live….


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      1. The extreme ends of the scale, (best/worst, smartest/dumbest, loudest/quietest, etc.) on which human existence can be viewed, from whatever view you take, have always been the most interesting to me, and, in fact, always fascinate people in general… Look at the whole “vampire” cult so popular, now morphed into the cult of “zombies”…..

        “People are strange….”, and not just when you’re a stranger….



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