Where to travel.

I got: Whistler, Canada
It’s time to wipe the dust off the skis that have been sitting in your closet since the 1980s, and hit the slopes.
Take the quiz.

20 thoughts on “Where to travel.

  1. ThumbUp….

    Well, their algorithm (remember?) figured me out as London, which is close, but, no cigar…. I prefer Irish food to English, their version of breakfast is MUCH better… Been to both places, & there is some good food in London, but, I couldn’t find much in the 5 days I had there…. In contrast, I’ve been to Ireland for a total of about 15 days, and enjoyed all of it, especially the variety of seafood in Galway….

    Their algorithm is too simple; they could make it better by adding some ambiguity, (i.e., more choices for the search engine to pick from….)

    Also…. what if the person taking the quiz lies?…. It could break the search program, sending it into an endless loop, freezing it completely!…

    Just sayin;….



    gigoid, the dubious


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      1. Some time, try Paella, a Spanish/Portuguese dish, or Cioppino, an Itallian soup… Both are to die for, and are made everywhere, since they are very old recipes common to several cultures in Europe…

        Both are to die for!….


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