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  1. Aww…. SIGH…. Life marches on….

    I saw him, and the other ‘Trotters play a lot of times, on TV, and live…. Having watched and played B-Ball most of my life, I’m of the opinion he, Meadowlark, was, possibly, the best basketball player who ever played the game; his only close competition is Oscar Robertson, the only man to have a triple-double AVERAGE for his entire NBA career…. nobody else but these two, even come close, to either of them…. Not Jordan, not Magic, not Kareem, not Wilt the Stilt…. nobody was better than Oscar, or Meadowlark….

    Some of the other Globetrotters over the years could have become rich, and famous, in the NBA;, if they hadn’t been playing for love of the game…. Almost anybody who played for them would have been a big star in the NBA….



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