3 thoughts on “The original

  1. While agreeing completely with the pledge as written, without the religious implication of the line added during the McCarthy era, when a lot of the current insanity finds its roots, must respectfully decline re-posting it. To do so would be to imply some sort of pride of country, which, in me, died long ago…

    First, because I realized I had NO logical, or actual reason of any kind to have been born in this country. I had no say in the matter; my parents are entitled to a touch of it, for having decided to have children in a place they believed best for them… which is no longer true, anyway..

    Second, I cannot think of ANY reason, now, to have any pride in the country, which has fully abandoned the Constitution, and the principles of honesty, duty, and ethical government upon which it was founded… Corporate influence is rife in every level of our government, from the local to the national, and international level… So, what is there to be proud of? That we sell the most weapons of destruction, and are directly responsible for, oh, about half the people in the world who die, every day, in one of the many areas in which those arms dealers are making their fortunes?

    I don’t think so….

    Third, pride is, in general, not a good thing for people; they tend to think it matters at all in the larger picture; the Universe really couldn’t give a decent crap about our ‘pride’….

    gigoid, the dubious…. and, grumpy


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