12 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. I L*O*V*E this beautiful Monday morning!!!! Our blizzard has stopped!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    The blizzard started Saturday afternoon, with winds that reached a velocity of over 70 mph! The blizzard blew all night Saturday, all day Sunday, and all last night. Our electricity was off for 21 hours! There are snow drifts taller than 6′ outside! Our fence blew down in many places, our wheelchair ramp blew over, our big mailbox blew away, the street light blew off the pole across from our house, shingles blew off our roof and off of every shingle roof in the neighbourhood. At one point, the trailer my stepdaughter is living in almost blew over!!

    We went to sleep Saturday night with no electricity, with the temperature down to 19 degrees outside, terrified that we would all freeze to death by morning! But we didn’t freeze, we are still alive, and the blizzard has stopped!!!

    YAY I LOVE TODAY!!!!!!

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      1. I was scared! Especially when my husband, sick with a chest cold and fever, said that he was going to DRIVE IN THE BLIZZARD sixty miles round trip to the next town to buy a couple of gas cans to fill up with gasoline to keep our generator running!! Then he went out the door with the shovel to dig our truck out of a snow drift, in the middle of a blizzard, this crazy who has already had two heart attacks!!!!!

        So I threw on my boots and coat, I stormed out of the house, I took the snow shovel and the truck keys away from him, and I ORDERED my feverish dumb butt husband back into the house, using his full Polish name!

        He weighs more than twice what

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        1. Oops my tablet posted too soon. As I was saying, my husband weighs more than twice what I weigh, and he is about 7″ taller. But my will is way stronger than his. NO WAY was I letting him do that!!!

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            1. Thanks. I am super lucky to have him, too.

              While hubby was sleeping this morning, I went outside with a shovel to dig the truck out, only to find that some people had pulled it out of the drift with a chain, so they could then pull out the car that was stuck in front of our truck. They used a Toyota RAV4 and a 4-wheel drive truck to pull the car out. Then the RAV4 and the pickup truck got stuck trying to drive through the snow drift. They had to get a tractor to dig out their truck.

              I suspect it will be a few days before we will be going anywhere out of town.

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