Infographic: Loneliness.


26 thoughts on “Infographic: Loneliness.

          1. But blogging and writing may help and a community of bloggers definitely helps even if they seem only”virtual” at the beginning. After a while, each hs his or her own voice that is recognized. And they become “real” persons with whom to interact. 🙂

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              1. I am not deaf but I live in the French countryside (I am French) with my two wards who are mentally disabled. I am 22 and I lost my parents, which is why I am gardian to my sister (20) and an older cousin (56). I feel terribly lonely. And I would not interact with people around me as I do with you for instance.

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                  1. We all have something difficult to cope with. There are days where it is more easy than others. THis implies lots of fights and bartles with he civil services, but one day, things will be sorted out and financially speaking we shall be safer. And perhaps, through blogging, I shall earn some more money. In any case, I shall never be lonely.
                    It could be worse!!!

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  1. A wise friend of mine recently said, “Love is a contact sport.” He was right, wasn’t he?….

    “It is in the shelter of each other that people live.” — Irish proverb

    When the shelter is gone, or absent any love by contact, we suffer…. as feeling not fully human does….


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      1. In at least one sense, yes…. Both are sadness motivated by the lack of human contact… Lonely is less specific; missing someone merely identifies the contact one is sad for, the one desired by name….



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