during the making of the movies.



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  1. Thanks, but, no, thanks… At age 4, my older sister & brother took me with them to the movies, to give my mom a break, with only one other baby at home for the afternoon. They went to see “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” That was the last horror film I went to, until age 22, when I accidentally went to see a movie with a comedic title and cast, that was actually a heavy film noir….

    That was the last time I ever paid anybody anything to deliberately be scared; “Unexpected fear was never much fun, so, why subject oneself to it on purpose?” was my attitude, and remains so…. Having, by this time, seen how cruel and horrifying real life can be. I don’t want to spend my emotional energy on faux fears…. of things that aren’t, and mostly cannot be real….

    But, to each their own; I know for some, it’s fun. Never understood it, but, hey, it’s a big world, especially in the Fantasy Land of the mind…


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      1. LOL!

        I just remembered… For most of the movie, I ended up hanging out in the lobby, by the door inside, where I couldn’t see the screen, with strict injunction from big sister not to wander. I looked in to see if my siblings were in place, right at the end of the movie, to see the hero knock the monster out with a right cross… Though still scared, it occurred to me the monster sure had a glass jaw for something so big, heavy enough to rock a riverboat climbing on board…. It helped to calm me, because it was obvious it was fake, and I could think of it as a cartoon…

        Still didn’t want to give away money to see stuff like that….



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