Huh? According to source

are a bit radioactive. When you are flying and passing through all the metal detectors, you expect to be exposed to a small amount of radiation. 

 You don’t expect this to happen when you eat a banana.

However, banana has an isotope of potassium, which makes it radioactive.

This is nothing to worry about, as the body needs the potassium to function normally, and you would need to eat five million bananas at once to get radiation sickness.

So, bananas are just a little bit radioactive, just enough to get them on the charts. (source)

Got me wondering if it’s why cats do that when they see a banana? <

2 thoughts on “Huh? According to source

  1. You might as well just cross the street now
    Before you run out of chances
    The life you save
    Just mite be the one stuck in the corner of your pocket
    Live long and prosper
    May the Schwartz be with you

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