23 thoughts on “Dolls.

          1. My wife is such a smart ass, she finds the things at flea markets and sends me pics. My phone buzzes, I look down, I’m greeted with some grizzled old doll head, eyeless, or worse, the eyes that seem to follow you around the room. I do not like them.

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            1. I like your wife! Don’t blame you a bit about them dolls. Read too many supposedly true horror stories about dolls, like the one about Robert the doll! That was creepy!

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                    1. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a tendency to be an idiot at times. I’ve accepted this as part of who I am. I’ve learned to live with this. And to apologize frequently. Someone I know once told me, though, that its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, so I took that mantra to heart. 🙂

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