New to me! Thundersnow!

Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thunder snowstorm, is an unusual kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of  rain  (wikipedia)

16 thoughts on “New to me! Thundersnow!

  1. We had thundersnow at the beginning of our Goliath Blizzard here in New Mexico on December 26. I live in the east central part of the state, where the high desert meets the high plains. We have extreme weather of all kinds here. Thundersnow has happened at least twice that I’ve noticed so far this winter. It’s just like a typical thunderstorm except, instead of rain, you get snow.

    I lived on the coast of Maine about 25 years ago and experienced thundersnow there, too. But in the five and a half years that I lived in Maine, I never experienced a blizzard with winds so fierce — over 70 mph — and lasting so long — almost two whole days and two nights — as our recent Goliath storm. I did not like it at all!!

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      1. A town about 30 miles from us had winds clocked at 82 mph. We don’t have a wind gauge in town, so our winds may have been that high, too. 70 mph is a conservative estimate.

        I have been in hurricanes and the Goliath wind sounded and felt that bad. Only it was worse than a hurricane because it blew like that from Saturday afternoon straight through until Monday morning. During 21 hours of that time we had no electricity, so our heat was off, and the temperature outside was in the teens. We survived with layers of clothes and running a small gas stove.

        Did I tell you that a freight train blew off the track 4 miles from our house? The wreckage is still sitting there. Also three very large grain elevators blew over less than a quarter mile from our house. And over 35,000 dairy and beef cattle were killed in the surrounding area. So sad! I never want to experience a storm like that again!!

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