Going North.

I’m sitting here with my laptop and I can see from the west window that there’s 10  going North? Aren’t they supposed to do that in the spring? OH! There’s more! Sup with that? The south too cold for them or what?


34 thoughts on “Going North.

      1. That would depend on where they were born, & what type of bird they are; I think they start their migrations at different times, according to where they go to, and from, and, their breeding schedule… so, I couldn’t say for sure. Perhaps they are of a breed that starts their journey early, to avoid certain predators; hard to say without knowing which birds they are…

        The other possibility is they know there is worse coming, or there will be an early spring…. Again, it’s hard to say…. Keep watching, & try to identify the birds, then you can Google their habits….


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        1. gigoid, Yeah, that’s what I’m doing now. You know what? The sun’s shining and I am like, there’s something different about the sun! LOL! I can’t describe what I mean about it being different?

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          1. Our unconscious minds often notice changes in light tones, especially at certain times of the year…. plus, snow will alter the ambient light patterns, by removing particulate matter from the air for a while…. That’s why it’s also so clear and clean looking after a storm….

            Closet geek here….


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