Oh whoa! They were bigger back then!

Archelon fossilArchelon ischyros, the largest sea-turtle recorded till today! (source)
 I like them smaller!
and another biggie from the
There used to be  penguins that weighed up to 250 pounds and stood as tall as 6 feet 7 inches! Image them coming at you like  that! 
Take a look at the link about penguins left by
from  Schickes und Schönes

38 thoughts on “Oh whoa! They were bigger back then!

                    1. I’m afraid not. OH dear! Here’s the video that will show you how to do it.

                      Anytime you need to view it just go to the sidebar at the playground and click on the yellow bar underneath on How to post GIFs.


          1. Snapping turtles are. Had one blocking my way up my driveway one time. I tried to kinda shoo him away by sliding my feet at him, but he just spun around and hissed at me. No matter which direction I stepped, he spun at me. Hissing the whole time. Finally got an ice scraper out and he latched on to it, then drug him outta the way. Nasty disposition. 😃

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