The nerve of the vulture!

Didn’t even wait till she’s dead! Went and stalked her!
Look what had happened to the photographer! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Took a photo instead of picking her up? That’s cold!
Read about the photographer Kevin carter

19 thoughts on “The nerve of the vulture!

  1. We studied this in RS. It is really sick that you would just stand and take a picture of it all happening but their job is to take the picture and not interfere. I don’t think people should’ve been so hard on the photographer but again, it’s must be so hard to live with the fact that you didn’t do anything when you could.

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      1. I would interfere too tbh! But apparently you’re not supposed to because of the fact that you could be hurting them more since you need to be very careful with the food you give them and also apparently it can spread disease. But I mean I would’ve helped the child to get to the food centre, which they were travelling to.

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