Blindness not from scarlet fever.

Mary Ingalls.
How I loved the stories! 
Lists of books
I read all of Laura’s books!

28 thoughts on “Blindness not from scarlet fever.

        1. Yup! Did you hear about virus now spread around countries that can cause harm to pregnant women’s babies? Damn! I forgot the name of virus and what countries it is at.


  1. How can you make your post looks in that way?
    I mean how you write and the writing has a colourful background..
    I always learn beautiful things from you my dear friend Thumbup!

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        1. You know what? Why don’t you try copy the post from the playground with the colored back ground and paste it on your site then remove the images, words etc then put whatever on the colored background! Try see if it works for you. That’s what I do I recycle over and over!

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