Uh OH!

Nope! Wrong!

A person in Dallas County has been infected with the Zika virus through sexual contact, not through a mosquito bite, according to county health officials

OH boy! We in deep trouble!


21 thoughts on “Uh OH!

  1. It’s only frightening to children, who don’t know the actual threat level of such diseases…. You are in less danger of being exposed to this than you are in danger of getting struck by lightning. It is no more a danger than any other disease of its kind, which is, not much at all. It’s merely another way for those in power to keep the public in fear of things they don’t take the time to understand….

    Terror only works on those who allow themselves to be terrified….

    gigoid, the dubious

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  2. Don’t be too worried just yet. The same thing happened with Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, and many new strains of Influenza-too early. However, locking yourself up Thumbup is probably not a bad idea! Imagine how much internet surfing you’ll get done…there is always a bright side 🙂 Cheers Nicole

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