18 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. Today I was surfing and found old Jeri Ryan interviews from the Late Late Show, and an awesome scene from Star Trek with Dwayne Johnson’s character kicking the fucking CRAP out of her character, and her character kicking back. I really must watch the whole series, somehow I missed that episode despite my unrequited, unrecognized, and forever long distance (sigh) passion for Mrs Eme. Sorry Christophe, but you can’t really blame me, as you well know she has the best laugh EVER:

    Any of you know Christophe and Jeri personally, let ’em know I love both of them from afar. French Restauranteur, Actress, what’s not to love? ~DM

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  2. I know a certain teen girl who does that intentionally to upset the various fandoms. She’s hilarious and I love that she does that. Who knew I was raising a good-natured and beautiful troll? She doesn’t mean any harm. It’s a joke. You’d think the internet would have caught on already, but no, occasionally she gets a still-oblivious fan or two upset.

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