Final statements

of death row inmates in Texas before they were


The website of

shows what the offender did and what their last words were before Texas officials offed them.

One got to me, said: Tell mama I love her.

Sure is a high numbers of Texas inmates being executed? I don’t know, don’t seem right to me?


14 thoughts on “Final statements

  1. I don’t understand how death penalty can still stand in a democracy – and the democracy that holds itself as the greatest in the world! But is is the same with gun carrying ang health care not being universal, and poor people left to die of hunger, and segregation, and communautarism, and this fear of socialism. This is a most conservative country, with candidates running to the presidency with ideas going back to the beginning of the 19th century at best. Backward, I would call all this. But I am French, an intellectual and a leftist: definitely suspect…

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