Lindy Chamberlain

Seventh Day Adventist Lindy Chamberlain, a member of a Protestant sect that preaches the imminent return of Christ to Earth (originally expecting the Second Coming in 1844) and observes Saturday as the sabbath, had been camping near Ayers Rock with her family when she claimed that nine-week-old Azaria was snatched by a dingo

The initial inquiry supported the Chamberlains’ account of Azaria’s disappearance, finding a dingo took the child.

Operation Ochre

At the second inquest

Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were charged with her murder. 

Lindy was sentenced to life imprisonment and Michael was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact, but released so he could raise their 2 boys. 

After all legal options had been exhausted, the chance discovery in 1986 of a piece of Azaria’s clothing in an area full of dingo lairs led to Lindy Chamberlain’s release from prison, on
“compassionate grounds”.

On 15 September 1988, the Northern Territory Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously overturned all convictions against Lindy and Michael Chamberlain.
Third inquest was conducted in 1995, which resulted in an “open” finding. 

The ammended death certificate of Azaria Chamberlain who dissapeared in 1982, cause of death by Dingo.Pic Glenn CampbellThe fourth inquest held on 12 June 2012, Coroner Elizabeth Morris delivered her findings.

The amended death certificate of Azaria Chamberlain who disappeared in 1982, cause of death by Dingo. Photo: Glenn Campbell
Wendy Harmer



46 thoughts on “Lindy Chamberlain

      1. It is difficult and it would be difficult to have an opinion: I would not know what to do were I member of the jury or judge. But, in any case, even if it was a most devious murder, I would go back upon what I said in another post by you: no death penalty.

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      1. I just heard recently that the cut along the baby’s throat could not have been done by a dingo. I think it blew up more than the powers that be wanted it to. I mean this story is worldwide known. I don’t think anyone will know except Lindy…or maybe Michael. Just my thoughts 🙂

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            1. Hmm. Just when I thought I’d heard it all…hahah. Yeah, the body was never found, but years later they found the jumpsuit. It was so long ago now, that my memory of it is rusty, but I’m pretty sure I have the story right. I should re-visit it again and refresh myself with the facts!! Maybe I’ll read the book. I’ve seen the movie.

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  1. I remember this case well. It really polarised people. Many believed she was innocent, as did I, and I am still firmly of this belief. The case is quite fascinating when you delve into it. There were many stuff ups with the initial investigation, which is what made it so difficult to prove her innocence.

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    1. Yes, Nicole, there were and being 7th Day Adventist didn’t help since they are not well favoured here and all manner of things were said about them having taken the baby to the desert to sacrifice. They really botched the primary evidence collecting. Even now we don’t know.

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          1. Now you guys are making me wondering if they had something to do with it! OK. If they did it, what is the motive? Sacrifice as they said? If so, why not the other 2 children they have too?


            1. Because they were all grown up. We in Australia have never been quite sure. It is not the normal or usual behaviour of the Dingo to attack however tourists had been feeding them there and it is possible but to have gone right into the tent, past the other child to take the baby – I have never been sure. It’s all so long ago.

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            1. Well she was acquitted of the murder. So I guess that indirectly means she was innocent. I think she definitely was innocent, but as I said, nobody will ever know except the Gods, Lindy and Michael. It’s a pity wildlife can’t talk!

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    2. I remember this, too. It dominated the news for ages and it polarised people. I tend to think the media went gunning for Lindy Chamberlain and they got her. She was very stoic, and the media had a field day with it, saying she was not motherly because she didn’t burst into tears every time a camera clicked. She was treated dreadfully by armchair experts and the search for truth was secondary to the calls for her blood by the spiteful, sanctimonious rabble.

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