Never even existed.

— (hɨraɪ̯θ), noun | A Welsh, untranslatable feeling, hiraeth is loosely described as a homesickness for a home you cannot return to anymore or a place, which never even existed.

Connotations of sadness, yearning, profound nostalgia, and wistfulness are imbued into the state of hiraeth.

Overall this beautiful, but painful longing is a an expression of an empty desire and grief over a past life or place.

It is the ultimate signifier of a bond, which has ceased to exist.


15 thoughts on “Never even existed.

      1. I am writing posts about writing and reading “gentle” fiction and this “gentle” novels attract people who dream (and seem to yearn) about a gentler and kinder world. I do not think this existed. The world has never been all kind and gentle: there have always been hardships and difficulties. Wanting this gentler world is escapism.
        Now, can we live without aspiring to something better? I don’t think so. Can we live without escapism? This is more difficult to answer.
        Perhaps dwelling on the past or what was or we thought that was is unfruitful and nostalgic. I rather prefer dwelling on the past or what would have been a “good” past to help me build a present and a future: not to escape but to live better and to create something better.
        My answer about where we were before we were born is – as a Christian , but not a fundamentalist – that I was wanted by the Lord. Was I in limboes? My soul, perhaps.
        You make me think.

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