Guess who

was here in my unit yesterday? A wasp! A frigging wasp! In February? It was sitting on top of my flat screen thinking it was the king of the world. 
I do not like wasps, bees, yellow jackets and bumblebees. I am terrified of them! Why? I don’t know.

27 thoughts on “Guess who

          1. “When dealing with a stinging insect, move slowly.” — Lazarus Long

            Like anything, they’re not particularly aggressive creatures, unless their hive is disturbed. If you don’t make them feel threatened, they just go about their business, & pay you no mind… so, move slowly, capture them in a glass with a piece of paper over it, and put them back outside… No worries, no fuss…


            Besides, you outweigh it by a factor of about 10,000; he/she isn’t much of a threat…


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