Might have found us



12 thoughts on “Might have found us

  1. Oh my goodness… yesterday I mentioned in a comment on one of your other posts about the time my family and I saw a UFO up close and personal when I was a young teenager, and I hadn’t even seen this post yet. Another eerie coincidence. Eek!!

    I am tempted now to write the whole story about my close encounter with a UFO. But… I write about mental health issues. I don’t want people to think I am CrAzY, lol.

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      1. I have also seen strange flying objects that I could not identify on two other occasions. But those objects looked like light tiny specks of light flying very high in the sky. I would have assumed they were just jet airplanes flying at maximum altitude, iif it weren’t for their bizarre and seemingly impossible flight patterns. Is that the kind of thing you have seen?

        But the UFO my mother, stepfather, one of my sisters, and I saw in the summer of 1967 was not like that. It was HUGE. And…. really bizarre.

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        1. The first one I saw was when I was in the backyard sunbathing at my brother’s yard> I opened my eyes and saw this silver thing that looks like a tin foil staying in the sky while it was going flip flop? I turned my head around and called for my sister in law to come out and take a look at this then when I looked again it was gone. Again at my mom’s backyard, sunbathing and I was thinking of what I saw at my brother’s and I opened my eyes and there it was up it the sky! The very same thing! Called my mom then looked at it again, gone. #rd time, different. It was night time, out of the corner of my eye I could see some glowing thing and when I looked at it directly couldn’t find it and tried it again and found it. It looks like it’s being covered in a see thru scarves that ladies used to wear back then? It was whole bunch of round lights and it was like it’s floating cuz it was not still? I called out to my friend all the while never taking my eyes off it and he came to me and told him to look and he saw it too. Then all of a sudden he said he heard something like a terrible car accident going craaaash, and we both looked at the interstate to see if there would be ambulance police coming but there were none. We looked up the sky again and it was gone.

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          1. Wow. There are many similarities between what you describe and what I have experienced. I am doing the one finger tap dance on my little Kindle Fire right now; later when I am on my regular computer I will tell you about it.


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